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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Greetings to you on this Thanksgiving week!

Jeff and I are very thankful for your support in prayers and giving!  Let me make it very clear that we could not be here doing God’s work if it weren’t for your precious donations!  As it is, things are happening here!!!

The rains have begun!  After months of very dry weather, it has rained 3 times this week.  Today, it began as we were walking to our car after Sunday Worship services.  Almost 5 hours later it is still coming down!  A beautiful spring rain!  Just what is needed to raise the water tables and give the plants a deep drink of water!  Praise God for this provision!

We have begun the addition of a restroom facility to the Dormitory that we were working on when we left here in August.  So far a sewer line has been moved over about 3 feet so that it wouldn’t be in the way of the new foundation.  The footers were poured earlier this week, a brick foundation laid on that and yesterday, the main floor was poured.  This week the walls will be going up!

Our prayer for all of you this week is that you have a very blessed holiday on Thursday, feasting, playing, watching football or whatever is your family tradition.  Maybe even sledding for some of you.  We heard there was plenty of snow this weekend.  We plan to do a special meal on Thursday if possible.  But it is just another work day here.

Blessings to you all!

Love, Jeff and Rebecca

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Thank you to you!

November 12, 2015

Jeff and I want to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all of you who have extended warm hospitality to us while we were home recently.  You have welcomed us home, you’ve opened your homes and Sunday school classes to us.  You’ve listened to our stories, looked at all our pictures, and bought handmade items from the women we are helping in Zimbabwe. You have caught the vision of what we are trying to accomplish at the Pan African Christian College.  You are supporting our efforts with your prayers and resources. And we thank you! Each one of you!  You may think to yourself that your prayers  or your donation to Partners World Wide don’t make a difference to what we are doing here, but I have to tell you, each prayer you pray on our behalf and each dollar you send makes the difference between us being here or not! We cannot do anything without God and He is using you!

While we were speaking to a class one Sunday, we were asked “How do you feel the prayers that are prayed for you?  What does that mean?”  We feel your prayers when we are feeling discouraged, like we aren’t accomplishing anything, or when it seems nothing is going how we think it should and then the Holy Spirit whispers to us about the good things that are happening that we fail to notice.  We are reminded about an encouraging word we shared with someone, or that we took the time to listen to someone’s pains, or we stopped and prayed with someone. Those are just a few of the times when we feel lifted up.  Some days we feel like all we did was put out “fires” all day.  Sometimes a task seems to take hours longer to accomplish than what it really should have.  There are days when we just can’t seem to beat the heat.  Some days feel like nothing but interruptions use up all our time. But at the end of the day, when we talk over our day with each other, we can both recall the relationships that were built or deepened.  We may have been blessed by someone we met at the store.  We may have been a blessing that someone needed today.  And then we realize that the work IS getting done in spite of our “interruptions”. A trench was dug, some pipe was laid, or some deliveries were made for the new building. We had a productive meeting. We placed an order for bunkbeds. The laundry got washed and ironed.  Some emails were sent. Every day we pray that God will be in charge of our schedules and that we will give way to His “TO DO” list.  We still struggle to keep on target with Him, minute by minute, but we strive to keep our focus on Him and not get bogged down with what is going on around us.

Two quick stories to share with you about how God blessed us on our journey here last week.  We were told that extra luggage was going to be $285.00 per bag over the 2 we were allowed.  We each had a 3rd bag to check on the plane.  We were looking at $570.00 for the 2 extra pieces.  We had an angel looking out for us at Detroit airport while checking in.  She told us that as missionaries, we could get a waiver and be allowed an extra bag.  But it had to be done ahead of time and be listed on the reservation at the time of booking.  Long story short, she did some checking and was able to get us a severely reduced cost for our extra baggage. Praise God! And on top of that, friends from our church family stepped up and helped us with that cost.

Second story.  We were a little (okay, maybe more than a little) nervous about getting to Harare and having to fill out the paperwork for visas and go through customs. We never had to do that by ourselves. But again, God intervened and made the pathway clear for us.  It really didn’t take too long, and even with the gifts and new items we brought in, we didn’t owe anything for duty.  Halleluiah!!  Praise His name! And our friends were there to greet us and bring us to our home here. At 2:00 AM.

Next time I will fill you in on some of the things we’ve been doing since we’ve been back.

If you would like to partner with us, please send your donations to Partners World Wide, 6139 Tahoe Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546.  Put “PACC-ZIM” on the memo line of your check and it will get into our account.  Thank you for your interest in God’s work in Zimbabwe.

We remain faithfully yours,

Jeff and Rebecca



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