It’s almost Christmas!!

December 17, 2015
It’s almost Christmas!!
Season’s greetings to you all!
We went to a Christmas lighting ceremony last weekend. It was nice to see all the pretty lights Even though we are sweating so much of the time, it made it feel a little more like Christmas. Otherwise, there isn’t very much hoopla, lights or decorations to display. Oh, they sell them but they are so expensive. We priced a small fake tree. Cost too much for even me to enjoy.
I have to share this cute story with you. Half of our windows do not have screens on them, so Jeff and I usually keep those closed. We do not like the flying insects that plague us at night!! There is a woman who helps me two days a week. As she is cleaning, shaking out rugs and generally going in and out of the house as she works, she is forever leaving the screen doors open, and she opens windows to let in the fresh air. All the windows. If I am home, I’ll close the doors at least a couple times to keep the bugs out. Yesterday, I came from sewing and the doors were both closed. So I complimented her on closing them herself. She even had them latched so they wouldn’t blow open. Of course, I’m thinking to myself, “She finally gets it!” But then she said, “With it raining so much the snakes will be out. I keep them out.” Yikes!
Work on the bathroom addition to the dorm is going smoothly.
The plumbing inside is being worked on this week, even as I write this.
That is all for now. I’m not sure how these pictures will travel and download for you. In my next posting, I will cover the sewing group and what is happening there. More pictures to come.
For now, thanks for your prayers and support. If you have never given to our ministry, but feel God is leading you to do that before year end, we will welcome donations of any amount. There is much more going on here than some building renovations and some women learning how to sew. Lives are being changed and impacted for Jesus Christ. Please send your check to Partners World Wide at 6139 Tahoe Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Please add “PACC” to the memo line and it will get into our account.
You can see the date above is Dec 17. Well, I actually started it on the 16th, finished on the 17th, and now we finally have electricity and internet, allowing me to send it out. YAY for internet!!!!
In His Grip!
Jeff and Rebecca


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4 Responses to It’s almost Christmas!!

  1. Mary chrismas to you my brother in Jesus Christ may God richly blessing you

  2. Mary Lou

    Hopefully you will have a blessed Christmas, keep those doors closed, yikes I don’t like snakes in my garden, can’t imagine having them in my house!

  3. Deb

    Loved your cute story! YIKES! So glad she told you why she was closing the doors!
    May you have a merry Christmas! Much love to you!

  4. Pat Nichols

    Becky, are you able to receive mail at your gmail address?

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