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Week 3

After such a busy last week, we were hoping for some down time on Sunday, but then we invited our Worship Pastor and his family to lunch at our house. We spent the entire day with them catching up on happenings in our absence.  It was into the evening hours when we finally said good-by.

Monday, October 24

Another busy day.  We met with Elder Samuel Grottis, who is the person we report to while we are here in Zimbabwe.  He wanted to bring us up to date on what has been happening at the college and then to catch up on what we are planning to do during our stay this time here.

Before we got back to the campus, a team from Partners Worldwide were visiting the sewing ladies and interviewing them, taking pictures and some video for upcoming publication.  When we returned from our meeting, I was called in to be in some of the photos, showing what an average day might look like working with the women. While I was being filmed, Jeff was speaking with the script writer giving him some of my background and how it happened that I began working with these women.  It will be next year before all the pieces are put together and finalized.  The small group are traveling to 4 countries doing the same thing with other groups of small business owners and savings groups.  I feel honored that they would include my group.

Tuesday, October 25

The children in our home church, Archbold Evangelical Church, collected money during this summer’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs for missions.  What they decided to do with the raised funds was to purchase flannel graph sets for some of the churches here.  We brought 5 kits with us to distribute, organize and train the Sunday school teachers how to use them. Today I worked with the first of 5 churches to receive the kits. There are over 350 pieces to get cut out. We didn’t finish on Tuesday, so we met again on Wednesday to finish cutting and then sort the pieces by number and category and bag them up.  Funny thing was, we had lots of little pieces left over whose numbers were unrecognizable.  I’m still not sure everything is in the correct bag.

I hope to meet with our home church here (Fountain of Hope) soon and get their kit cut and sorted out. The ones I worked with already are eager to use them, seeing the value of the visuals for the children.

Thursday, October 27

I finally got to spend some leisurely time with the sewing group.  There were only a few there for the day, but it was very nice to get back with them and spend some time sewing with them again.

The maintenance men have been working on the old greenhouse, welding some areas that have been weakened or broken.  They are making it much sturdier than it was. Once they are finished with that, it will get a new skin of plastic and they can put it into use again.  But for now, the new greenhouse that was installed while we were here earlier this year is growing tomatoes.  The crop is just beginning to ripen and they are selling them outside the front gate.  Once they begin to ripen in full force, they have an agreement to sell them to our local grocery store.

Friday, October 28

We got a call from our friend Dr. Marj Pettinger, from Canada, who is a professor here at the college.  She had been in an accident and was pretty shook up.  We hurried to the scene and spent the rest of the day with her until she was settled down.  She was unharmed and her vehicle wasn’t hurt either.  The other driver wasn’t hurt either but his car was damaged a lot.  God was in control and protected both.  It reminded us how much we need our Heavenly Father and to cling to him moment by moment.

Blessings to you all!

Jeff and Rebecca


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Update, October 14-24, 2016

Hello prayer warriors!

We arrived on schedule Tuesday and everything we packed made it at the same time and in great shape.  Thanks for your prayers that carried us here.  The best things about the trip was that we each had an extra check bag that we thought sure we’d have to pay for, but to our delighted surprise there were no fees for the extra bags.  One of the other blessings was that once we got here, we breezed thru the immigration line, collecting our luggage and waltzing out of the airport without any hassles!! You’d have to fly into Zimbabwe perhaps, to really appreciate that!  We were so quick getting out that our ride wasn’t even here yet.  Which was okay.  We usually plan on 15-30 minutes for all the above to take place and this time it didn’t!  Praising God for that!

Down side is there were many things I had forgotten to pack.  Some things I thought I had, others were last minute items that just got forgotten.  Some OTC things like Day Quil, Ny Quil, Allergy meds, etc.  Then there were things like sunglasses, Goo Gone, some stuff I copied off to bring for quilting, and just odds and ends. I noticed the sunglasses were missing as soon as we walked out of the airport.  The sun is bright here.  And then, somewhere along the way, I started sneezing a lot and now have a head cold.  I think because we didn’t sleep well on the planes, we were just exhausted allowing me to catch someone’s germs.  But I’m hoping to get over it quickly with some of the OTC drugs here.  We spent our first few days getting unpacked and settled, shopping for absolute necessities, and groceries so I can start cooking.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My health has improved, but my sinuses are still wreaking havoc, and a bit of a cough going on.  But I am feeling stronger.

There was an issue with the bore hole (well) when we returned.  We replaced a burned up pump and motor and the control unit.  This control unit will automatically shut off the pump if there is no water.  Within a day, all the tanks on campus were filled and running freely.  But there is a serious drought happening here. We cannot ask too much for prayers for the rains to come.

While we were gone home, the library has been undergoing a transformation.  There was a shipment of 2500 books from a Bible College in Canada arrived and new bookshelves have been built and put in place to house them all.  There is still cataloging and shelving happening to make them available to the students and anyone else on campus who choose to read them.  Many Pastors visit the campus weekly and use the reference materials for preparing Sunday sermons.  Jeff and I have also used many of the books in the past 2 years that we’ve been here. With my library experience at the church at home, I’ve volunteered to help in the process to get them done.  They have also painted walls and floors and generally spruced up the building.  I have been asked to help the women to make curtains for all the windows.  That will be a challenge that I believe we can make happen.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Jeff and I took part in a “Clean-up Day” Down at the shops.  All the PACC Faculty, Staff, Workers and students were involved.   We all received green T-Shirts to wear.  We were divided up into teams to either rake, sweep, pick up trash or hand out flyers.  It was a day planned to help beautify the shops in our area, show the love of Jesus to the people there, and also do some advertising for the school.  A lunch of chicken, potatoes and rice with coleslaw on the side was prepared for us when we returned to the school. Ice cream and cookies were for dessert.  It was a good day for building relationships between the school and community, but also to draw the participants into closer relationship.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our church conference, PAOZ (Pentecostal Assembly of Zimbabwe) held a walk for breast cancer awareness in the morning.  Being a cancer survivor, it didn’t take long to decide to participate in the activities of the day.  During the walk (about 5K) we handed out small flyers and pink ribbons to make people aware of cancer of all kinds.  After the walk, which was held in the city of Harare, there was a program telling us about some resources for scanning that are available in the area.  After prayer we were blessed with cupcakes and fruit, coffee and water.  A very worthwhile program and we are so glad we joined in the activities.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

AS if the week wasn’t full of enough activity for us, we awoke shortly after midnight to a fire burning in the trees and bushes of our next door neighbors.  We fought the fire with a water hose from the garden and a real life bucket brigade.  I believe that if it weren’t for the new pump and motor we would have run out of water before we ran out of flames.  Not having a real fire department in the area, it was up to us to put the flames out ourselves. Jeff called for help from a maintenance man on campus who brought a large fire extinguisher from the classrooms which helped tremendously.  It has been so dry and the area had not seen rain for months, literally months!  In fact, after the last rainy season, it was officially declared a drought due to the severe lack of rains. But several of us were praying that God would send the rain and we all witnessed the miracle as we started feeling drops of water on our bare arms and then it picked up into real rain, fire squelching rain!!  Hallelujah!!  Praise our Living God!!  We also Praise God that nothing else caught fire from the embers that the wind was blowing everywhere and that no one was hurt.

Praying for a less busy week!

Blessings to you all!

Jeff and Rebecca


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Headed Back Again

Hi folks,
We have been home for about 3 months, since mid June, visiting and catching up with family and friends and doing some fundraising. It has been a whirlwind time for us, flying by, for sure! And now, it’s almost time for us to return to Zimbabwe and continue the work that God would have for us.
We will be leaving from Detroit Airport on Sunday, October 9, late in the evening. We have mixed feelings about all of it. We don’t like leaving our family here in the states, but we look forward to seeing our family in Zimbabwe; friends that have become as close to us as family.
We are asking for your prayers for safe travels as we go and that all of our luggage makes it to Harare at the same time we do.
I am hoping to be more diligent about posting updates and filling you in on what we are doing. So much of the time it feels like business as usual for us, nothing exciting or even noteworthy, but we’ve been told otherwise, that many people would like to see more posts, more often. So we will try very hard to comply with those wishes.
If we weren’t able to get to your neighborhood while we were home, we will certainly try to do that next time. In the meantime pray for us, and as always, we will be lifting you up in our prayers.
Until the next posting we remain
In His grip!
Jeff and Rebecca


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