Week 3

After such a busy last week, we were hoping for some down time on Sunday, but then we invited our Worship Pastor and his family to lunch at our house. We spent the entire day with them catching up on happenings in our absence.  It was into the evening hours when we finally said good-by.

Monday, October 24

Another busy day.  We met with Elder Samuel Grottis, who is the person we report to while we are here in Zimbabwe.  He wanted to bring us up to date on what has been happening at the college and then to catch up on what we are planning to do during our stay this time here.

Before we got back to the campus, a team from Partners Worldwide were visiting the sewing ladies and interviewing them, taking pictures and some video for upcoming publication.  When we returned from our meeting, I was called in to be in some of the photos, showing what an average day might look like working with the women. While I was being filmed, Jeff was speaking with the script writer giving him some of my background and how it happened that I began working with these women.  It will be next year before all the pieces are put together and finalized.  The small group are traveling to 4 countries doing the same thing with other groups of small business owners and savings groups.  I feel honored that they would include my group.

Tuesday, October 25

The children in our home church, Archbold Evangelical Church, collected money during this summer’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs for missions.  What they decided to do with the raised funds was to purchase flannel graph sets for some of the churches here.  We brought 5 kits with us to distribute, organize and train the Sunday school teachers how to use them. Today I worked with the first of 5 churches to receive the kits. There are over 350 pieces to get cut out. We didn’t finish on Tuesday, so we met again on Wednesday to finish cutting and then sort the pieces by number and category and bag them up.  Funny thing was, we had lots of little pieces left over whose numbers were unrecognizable.  I’m still not sure everything is in the correct bag.

I hope to meet with our home church here (Fountain of Hope) soon and get their kit cut and sorted out. The ones I worked with already are eager to use them, seeing the value of the visuals for the children.

Thursday, October 27

I finally got to spend some leisurely time with the sewing group.  There were only a few there for the day, but it was very nice to get back with them and spend some time sewing with them again.

The maintenance men have been working on the old greenhouse, welding some areas that have been weakened or broken.  They are making it much sturdier than it was. Once they are finished with that, it will get a new skin of plastic and they can put it into use again.  But for now, the new greenhouse that was installed while we were here earlier this year is growing tomatoes.  The crop is just beginning to ripen and they are selling them outside the front gate.  Once they begin to ripen in full force, they have an agreement to sell them to our local grocery store.

Friday, October 28

We got a call from our friend Dr. Marj Pettinger, from Canada, who is a professor here at the college.  She had been in an accident and was pretty shook up.  We hurried to the scene and spent the rest of the day with her until she was settled down.  She was unharmed and her vehicle wasn’t hurt either.  The other driver wasn’t hurt either but his car was damaged a lot.  God was in control and protected both.  It reminded us how much we need our Heavenly Father and to cling to him moment by moment.

Blessings to you all!

Jeff and Rebecca


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3 Responses to Week 3

  1. Mark Lawler

    It’s nice to see that you have such a full life. Those people are really blessed to have you two! I’m glad that you are recording your experience. 🙂

  2. Dorthy Lersch

    Sounds like you’re not letting any grass grow under your feet! It’s good to be busy tho and to know you are rubbing shoulders with many people, letting them see Jesus in your lives. Dave is busy farming with Keith Buehrer. It’s another beautiful fall day. Stay well. Thank you for the update. Dorthy

  3. Leland Good

    Think of you from time to time. God Bless You.

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