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We’re Back!

November 9, 2017

After a long time away, we’re back.  In Zimbabwe and on our blog.

Hello to all of our wonderful friends in the United States!

It’s hard to believe that we arrived late Thursday afternoon a week ago.  Overall, it was a good trip over, albeit long, but fortunately, we didn’t have any long layovers. We were greeted by a wonderful brother in the Lord, Tawanda. After a long flight like we had, it’s so good and welcoming to see familiar faces at the end of the journey.  We were also greeted by temperatures in the upper 80’s.

It is indeed good to be back with these wonderful people. They have become so dear to us, like family.  On our first night here we were invited to dinner at our neighbors, Nella’s house.  We were just putting food on our plates and the power went out and stayed out for twelve hours.  We laughed and said welcome to Zimbabwe.  This is very common here and we felt good that we got power back as soon as we did.

We were able to get some good rest Thursday night and into Friday morning.  Rebecca was fighting a head cold before we left and we thought she was over it, however, the long flight and being on an airplane with many others who were suffering and didn’t want to suffer alone, she relapsed but is starting to come alive. Thank goodness we brought DayQuil and NyQuil with us. That’s been a lifesaver.

We went to the grocery store on Saturday and were shocked to find some of the prices as much as doubled. Things like butter, meat, and juices. There have been scarcities on some goods, like sugar and some other staples.  Right now eggs are still scarce. We found some at a roadside stand, and Jeff discovered a small grocery store that had some.  Since we eat a lot of eggs for the protein it’s good that we found a source.  Apparently, they suffered a bout of chicken flu that wiped out a large population of chickens.  But they seem to be recovering now. Some products are priced higher, like rice, cereal, flour, coffee, canned vegetables, etc.  But amazingly bread is still 90 cents a loaf.   And produce that we buy at the roadside stands are pretty much the same as before.  Tomatoes, apples, bananas, potatoes, carrots, and onions are still a good deal at 8-10 for $1.00.

It was good to be back with our fellow believers here on Sunday and renew friendships.  The first Sunday of the month is “family fellowship Sunday” which means we have tea and snacks after service.  It’s a nice time to visit. And of course, you all know how we hate snacks but we managed to force ourselves to have some cake.  Haha.

Sunday afternoon we were invited to help pull off a surprise birthday party for our friend Tawanda.  Under the guise of taking his family out to lunch, we drove him and his family to the party and were able to keep it a complete surprise.  That was a fun afternoon.  Those who have visited us over here are aware of the road conditions and how hard it can be on vehicles especially the tires.  On the way home from the party we had a flat tire with a new tire put on just before we left to come home in the spring.  That makes five new tires in the last year.  We have learned to take things in stride for two reasons; one is that’s just the way it is here, we’re not going to change that and two (and foremost) God is in control.

We have already had “chance” meetings with brothers that showed us the mighty gracious Hand of God on us and them and we are reminded that our family in Christ on your side of the world are praying for us.  What amazing answers; we see His hand in everything.  Thank you for your support in prayers and financially.  We are a team and we couldn’t be here without you.

God is making an impact here through you all. Lest I bore you too much I will end this with the promise to send more soon.

With love and unity in Jesus Christ, we remain faithfully in His grip!

Jeff and Rebecca

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